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Common issues I see in HIT design

Discussion in 'Requester Support' started by charlie, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. charlie

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    Well-Known Member

    Nov 3, 2016
    These have probably been posted over and over again for as long as this forum has been around but figured I'd post here:
    1. Code generation (or lack thereof). From the .01 all the way to higher cost hits, I constantly run into codes not being generated. 9 out of 10 times it happens on surveys and other host sites that are not the standard ones like qualtrics. Please test your hits all the way to completion and code generation before posting them.
    2. accepted answers: 0 should always be a choice in a hit where the answer is a number chosen from a list OR just allow for an empty text box rather than a list excluding 0. I have run into a bunch of surveys where my honest answer would be 0 but i've had to choose 1 because no 0 existed or a "none" or something similar
    3. also accepted answers: when a hit states that a particular text box can be left blank, please make sure it indeed can be left blank.
    4. bulleted choices: There comes a point where there are just too many lists and bullets one has to select per page. it's easy to miss a few when there are dozens you have to deal with. It would be kind of you to highlight the questions that were left blank.
    5. mutiple choice, either/or, etc.: make sure please that the answer type actually makes sense for the question being asked.
    6. also, batches, batches, batches: how many single hits can one generate to take up dozens of pages when one could more easily create a single batch of 50 when each hit is exactly the same question or type?

    just my .03 (price adjusted for inflation of course)
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