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CaptainCode's Guide to Free Food

Discussion in 'Social Discussion' started by CaptainCode, May 5, 2018.

  1. CaptainCode

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    Dec 3, 2017
    Note: I have no idea what section this belongs in. It's this or social, couldn't decide which one it's supposed to be in so I stuck it here. Sorry to the mods if it's the wrong place.

    Note: I apologize that this wasn’t posted before I have been ultra-busy lately. Between running blogs and my startup business (plus, you know, working online), I haven’t had much time to expand upon my guide. I’m finding the time currently, so consider this part 1 of my expansion.

    I couldn’t really expand upon my initial guide due to room as well as an annoying reading length. Instead of that, I am going to post separate posts and consider them as additions to my guide.

    I'm going to make a big freebies post next as well as a tax one. (Just had to may my complicated AF taxes. Figured a thread over it could help some people out)

    This is my Free Food Guide.

    Let me preface by saying this. If you feel uncomfortable with some of the more “gamey” options on this guide. You do not have to use them. That being said, I’m going to put in every gamey method I ever used when I was working online and struggling to pay bills. I had to hustle at every opportunity I got. This is the result.

    If you are struggling this guide should serve you. This is a guide on how to get free food. Simple as that. Granted, admittedly, some of these aren’t completely free. So let’s say this. This is CaptainCode’s Free or heavily discounted Food Guide.

    Note: Let’s talk about the Gmail trick. So, let’s say you are wanting to sign up for the Arby’s newsletter (you get a free roast beef classic with any drink purchase). Let’s say that you wanted to sign up for that a bunch of times. You could create 15 different emails, sure, but that would be a pain. Instead, you can use what people call the Gmail trick. This is putting a dot between every letter in your gmail and using the same gmail over and over again. For example, let’s say your gmail is captaincode@gmail.com. If I wanted to sign up for the Arby’s newsletter a bunch I would use captaincode@gmail.com then c.aptaincode@gmail.com then ca.ptaincode@gmail.com ect… If you do this it will always register as different emails.

    BIG NOTE: If you guys have any more add them in the comments and I'll shove them in here. The main rule is that it needs to be at least a 50% off coupon. I tend to avoid BOGOs and DEFINITELY none of the free apps if you purchase a whole meal or something like that. There are those running every day for every restaruant. Every restauruant has an email or app program, but only a few are giving out free food. If you have any offering free food, even if it's only in your city, plug it below please. I would appreciate it guys.

    Some of these I found myself others I have found through various members of various communities. FreeFoodGuy on reddit and other like minded individuals helped me with not only some tactics but also with the inspiration to go out there and attempt to get free food.

    This guide will be updated as often as possible. I know food is important, especially when making a living online. Some months are hard.

    Here we go

    The List
    Let’s kick this list off with a biggie.

    Papa Johns

    Unlimited Free Papa Johns Pizza
    Step 1: Head on over to Papa Johns Rewards (https://www.papajohns.com/order/papa-rewards) and make an account. This will give you 5 points.
    Step 2: Put your birthdate as any day next month. Note: It has to be the month following this month as the awards will only send a month after you put them. If you put your birthday as this month you will get your rewards in 12 months. (So since I made this thread in May you will have to put your birthday in April and then you will have to wait until April to get the free pizzas, after that you can do it every month)
    Step 3: On the first day of next month you will get an email with a code. Put the code into your Papa Johns account and it will give you 10 points.
    Step 4: Your account will now have 15 points. This will give you any free medium 2 topping pizza, breadsticks, or any dessert.

    THEY WILL NOT ASK FOR YOUR ID. You also accumalte points buying pizzas so they have no idea how you got the points.

    Note: I’m not saying that you should, but you could use the gmail trick and do this as many times as you want and get unlimited free pizzas every month. Once again not recommending, just letting you know your options.

    Got a Schlotzky’s near you? If so download their app and enter promo code: DylanL9199 and we will both get a free small original sandwich. Note: I used a referral code but I think it works without one, not sure.
    Google Play
    App Store

    This one is pretty cool. If you sign up for Zaxyb’s email club they will send you a coupon in the mail for a free sandwich meal. Haven’t tried it multiple times, so I don’t know if it will work.
    Note: It may take a few weeks to arrive, but it’s just a postcard that says “Free Sandwich Meal” no purchase necessary.

    Raising Canes
    Similar concept to Zaxby’s. It’s a little more annoying because you have to actually go to Raising Cane’s and get one of the Caniac Cards.
    Afterwards, you just register with it here https://raisingcanes.com/caniac-club and they give you a free box combo.

    Firehouse Subs
    You get a free sub on your birthday. When you download their app just put your birthday as whenever and you can order a free sub straight through the app and just pick it up at the counter.
    Note: Their website SPECIFICALLY says that you DO NOT need to present an ID. So do with that what you will.
    V5zfe: Is my referral code, use it and you get a bonus 300 points and I get, well nothing since it caps at 10 referrals.

    Del Taco
    Sign up for their Raving Fans club and get 2 free grilled chicken tacos. Also get a free shake on your birthday. Gmail trick it if you want for unlimited free tacos

    Chick Fil’A
    So people may not know this but you can ask for a Cow Calendar at your local Chick Fil’A. They cost like $8. If you have one, every month you get a free item. They mix it up but it’s usually like $40 worth of food over the course of a year. So kind of free food I guess. You can also buy one on eBay if your Chick Fil’A is out. They usually sell out pretty quick.

    Also (thanks savvylabell) if you download the app they will pass out free items every once in a while.

    Join the email club, get a free roast beef sandwich with the purchase of a drink. Gmail trick works on this one of course.

    Sign up for the for the Pancake Revolution and get a free stack of pancakes. Gmail trick works.

    Baskin Robbins
    Get a free regular scoop of ice cream with the app download.
    Google Play
    App Store

    Get a free 4” sub when you download the app.

    Johnny Rockets
    Sign up for the e-club and you get a free burger with any purchase (like a drink). Can use the gmail trick on this one so that’s sweet.

    Earl of Sandwich
    Get $5 when you sign up for their loyalty program (Note: lots of things on the menu are under $5 so it’s free food) Similar to Cane’s you have to get a card. They will mail you one though.

    Dunkin Donuts
    We are at the part of the guide that I’m getting lazy. Just download the app and you will get a free drink. Not going to link them anymore because it’s a pain and I’m sure all of you know how to search the app store.

    Pizza Inn
    Download the Pizza Inn app and you will get a free order of pepperoni twists or a free dessert pizza. Note: They also have a birthday bonus, do with that what you will.

    Au Bon Pain
    This isn’t free food. Instead, you get a free coffee mug, so it’s still cool. Figured I would mention it.

    Don Pablos
    Join the club get a free order of nachos. Note: Another birthday present do with that what you will.

    Backyard Burgers
    Have one near you? Join their e-club here https://www.backyardburgers.com/clubhouse and get unlimited free burgers if you use the gmail trick. No purchase necessary.

    Download the app and get a free donut or drink.

    Chronic Taco
    Breaks my rule, but whatever, join here http://www.chronictacos.com/loyalty to get a bogo on tacos.

    Krispy Kreme
    Download app. Get Free Donut. So lazy now.

    Download app. Get free slushie

    Sign up for fan club. Get free blizzard treat. Gmail trick works.

    Those are most of the main ones that I use.

    I can’t stress how important Groupon is to me. I use it like once a week. Basically, you get huge discounts at LOCAL restaurants. I stress Local because it will have mom and pop shops and big places. It’s usually at least 50% off and during sales it can go to like a crazy 90% off. That’s 90% off of food from your favorite local place. I need to stress this. No matter how small of a town you live in, chances are there is a Groupon around you. I live in a very small town and 3 of my restaurants offer Groupon offers. So instead of paying $30 I usually pay $15 for a few meals.

    Non-Referral: Groupon.com

    The Delivery Apps

    These next ones are all food delivery apps. It won't net you free food, but signing up for them using referral codes will get you significantly discounted food. Essentially, take the free money, either have it delivered (will charge a fee) or use pickup in which case you just got free money for your food.
    Always sweet. I recommend using at least your initial free money. It’s like have a 50% off coupon to every restaurant in the world.
    Since this whole food delivery thing is so competitive (I have heard there are more food delivery startups than people on the planet) they are all offering crazy sign up deals.
    I always pick the option for food to be pickup, that way I avoid the delivery fee. It’s usually something like $7 off of a $15 order, so order from a restaurant near you and enjoy the, basically, 50 percent off.

    Here are the main ones. At least around where I live. There are more but I haven’t used them and once again, I don’t recommend stuff I don’t use. Link it in the comments if you use a different one and it has some wicked sign up discounts like these. I'm aware everyone doesn't live where I live so I apologize if there are some even better ones where you live.

    UberEats: If you haven’t ever used this before it’s pretty straightforward. You order your food someone delivers it to you. It probably works near you since it’s in a ton of cities. You can use my code Eats-dylanl7989ui or anyone elses code. But USE A CODE. I think it’s $7 off of a $15 order.

    GrubHub: These are all the same so I don’t need to explain it again. Here is my referral link which should give you $10 of your first $15 + order. http://fbuy.me/iLkDP So over 50% off any restaurant you like. I also get $10 or something like that. You don't have to use my referral but you do HAVE to use someones or you WILL NOT get the $10 off.

    DoorDash: Same bonus as GrubHub. Here is my link. Should give you $10 off of your first $15 order. http://drd.sh/nS8ndD/ . Once again use someones. Doesn’t have to be mine (Though I would appreciate it). You do HAVE to use someone’s referral link to get the free $10 as far as I’m aware.

    PostMates: I don't know about this one. My referral is C24PQX. It says give $100 to a friend. But, when I signed up under a referral code, that $100 was only towards delivery fees, so I think it basically means you are going to get $100 worth of free delivery. Food is still normal priced. Maybe it was just me, but it's a confusing referral system. I can't find any other promo codes for you guys on this one, sorry. Just the referral.

    InstantCart: This one was a tie up between including it in the groceries section of my guide or on here, but I guess it fits in with these delivery apps more.
    This is basically an app where you get groceries delivered to you. Use my referral code: DLEPAK1BA159 or someone else to get $10 off. This is with free delivery so it’s some quick savings on groceries. Not sure if there is a markup or not.
    *Feel free to referral train (post your own referral in the comments) on this one since you have to have a referral to get the discount.
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  2. savvy

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    goin' down to the yee-haw

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    Jul 29, 2017
    Chick Fil A App! You get a free item upon downloading and signing up, and then if you scan it every time you use it or order in app you get points and they love giving free stuff away. I've receive three free items but it is one of the only fast food joints I eat at :)
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  3. CaptainCode

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    Dec 3, 2017
    Added it thanks for the info! I didn't get one signing up but I read that they give away free items on there every once in a while. I love Chick Fil'A so this is sweet.
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  4. jan

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    Jan 12, 2016
    Really, really free food guide (it's a national map for foraging - with little markers that indicate where you can find something and when)
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  5. jan

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    Jan 12, 2016
    #5 jan, Sep 16, 2018
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  6. motivationmic

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    New Member

    Jan 6, 2018
    Thank you for this guide and thank you jan and everyone for adding ideas to this.