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  1. Persephone78
    But the only girl that could talk to him just couldn't swim, tell me what's worse than this?
  2. PatsyMI
    PatsyMI Jaded
    FYI: I just looked at my dashboard and the rejection has been changed to approved. I don't know if it was my email or if others had the same prb and complained, but the prb has been corrected.
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    2. Jaded
      Oh, good to hear! Probably a mix of both :)
      Jul 15, 2018 at 12:35 PM
  3. PatsyMI
    PatsyMI Jaded
    Thank you for your quick response - and for that reason I just joined and made a donation. I will happily support a forum of users who are willing to take the time to answer a neebies question. Hopefully the rejector will take my email into consideration. I never thought such a small thing as a rejection by an unknown person/company could cause me so much distress. But it does and it hurt my ratings, too. thank you.
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    2. Jaded
      Well, welcome to the forum!! And thanks for the donation, I marked it on your account so you should have contributor status now! :)
      Jul 15, 2018 at 12:35 PM
  4. PatsyMI
    PatsyMI Jaded
    I am new. I just received my 1st rejection for a survey. I sent a polite email to the requestor (per forums). Reason for rejection. AfB gGmbH "This code was provided more than 60 times, hence it cannot be valid." How is this possible? I used code at end of survey - in future how will I know a code is not valid. I believe he is accusing me of cheating?
    1. Jaded
      It sounds like they had an issue with their code generator, and it gave 60+ people the same code instead of unique ones. I'd say the only thing you can do right now is message the requester (which you already did) and then wait for him/her to message back. HOpefully others will message as well.
      Jul 15, 2018 at 10:43 AM
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  5. Persephone78
    Aber die Eichhörnchen sind meine Freunde
  6. ITCA
    ITCA Association
  7. Kee Log
  8. Persephone78
    “All great and precious things are lonely.” ― John Steinbeck, East of Eden
  9. Jean Vanderdonckt
    Jean Vanderdonckt
    Working in Computer Science
  10. Godbet
  11. <Gucci>
    <Gucci> SherryNotShirley
    You’re so awesome!!!!!! <img src=" title="Smile :)" />)
  12. Lisabeth
    Lisabeth jklmnop
    What to do to earn?
  13. Jayce
  14. LizQ
    New to MT, but totally loving it! Any hints to increase my revenues is much appreciated! TIA
  15. Brenda Boice
  16. Brenda Boice
  17. <Gucci>
    <Gucci> GTR
    Sup dude. Ladies his thong is Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine <img src=" title="Smile :)" />
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    2. GTR
      yes, all my thong is yours ;)
      Jun 19, 2018
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    3. GTR
      Jun 19, 2018
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  18. Jayce
  19. Jayce
    I am newish to Amazon MTurk, but slowly gaining some steam..
  20. Jayce
    I am newish to this, but gaining some steam..