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New Profile Posts

  1. Jaded
    Jaded coffeeowl
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    2. coffeeowl
      Finally! <3
      Apr 19, 2018 at 3:44 PM
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  2. priyesh
    i am intermediate user, making 50+ daily on mturk, planning to learn new tricks so I can make more
  3. coffeeowl
    coffeeowl Jaded
    I can haz follow plz? KTHX! <img src=" title="Jaded :jaded:" />
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    2. Jaded
      Apr 19, 2018 at 3:43 PM
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  4. Turtlefemm
    I am a turtle. Mostly.
  5. LoriElaine
    Just got a rejection on a 5 cent hit!! It was a simple "classify inappropriate sentences". Aargh!!!
  6. Mturkin-in-mn
    Must stop procrastinating!
  7. Tash
    Tash electrolyte
    Hi! Thx for including me!
  8. Canoegaze
    Canoegaze aveline
    Hey Aveline, I just joined up and tried to start a thread but received an automated message saying that my post may have been spam-like or contained inappropriate elements? It was just a post in the "Other ways to make money online" board advertising a transcription site I work at. Is there something I should be looking out for? I don't think I went against any of the guidelines.
    1. aveline
      Hi, welcome. Our spam filter prevents new accounts from posting links until they've made at least 3 posts. You can either post 3 posts elsewhere, then post your thread, or you can post your thread with no links in it, then use the edit post button to edit the links in afterward.
      Apr 10, 2018
    2. Canoegaze
      Thanks! I must have missed that.
      Apr 10, 2018
  9. whatsername
    whatsername electrolyte
    Thank you for welcoming me! I know my thanks is delayed but I have been no been on here for a bit. <img src=" title="Frown :(" /> Stupid life and having to be an adult and do stuff. lol. But I really enjoy the insight on the forum and how on top of various aspects of mTurk (which has been so helpful, btw) a lot of the members are. Glad this forum isn't all stuffy like some others that will remain nameless.
  10. katy
    katy Michele
    Hi,Im new here, been turking 5 years, I see your posts everyday.Would you contact Kadauchi and ask them to reboot the Hit Notifier, it stopped working at 10 am. Many thanks in advance, Have a good weekend ,K
  11. ecko
    ecko C to the J
    Happy Birthday, now go do something productive with your day and quit wasting it here with us.
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    2. C to the J
      C to the J
      Fuck I wish man. We don't have any family out here so no one to watch the baby. Really would like to take a trip to casino or something. S'alright. Just spending it on the couch with my girls. Coming to make a shitpost every now and then lol.
      Apr 2, 2018
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  12. TurkFlame
    TurkFlame It's Gamera!
    Hello Mr. Gamera, I have a question. May I ask you if you have any advice to pull the account of bread you making. I currently make $500 a week and I thought I was doing pretty good but I came across your profile and I almost lost it. I know we are competing for the same bread but if there is anything you can drop I’ll pay you accordingly. Thank you
  13. Thushanth
    Thushanth Squatty
    I am very new to Mturk and try to accept the HITS, Its says that "Unable to extend an invitation at this time" ? - please advice me!
  14. James Wainaina
    James Wainaina
    HI Guys, i am excited to join the community and i am available for all online work.
  15. Persephone78
    Why is it that no matter what color bubble bath you use the bubbles are always white?
  16. Justin D
    Justin D
    Grindin or Sleepin
  17. anglzgirl
    so sooo sleepy
  18. Scoobysnax
    Here for the snacks..
  19. yourbrain
    I am here. Or not. Maybe both. Hard to tell.
  20. Persephone78
    Is it Haunt Season yet?