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  1. RockyRoadCream
    RockyRoadCream DruceusDrec
    So you were the guy saying he was giving out free games on /v/ right?
  2. Pleco
    Pleco Evergreen Queen
    I like to pretend that Aubrey Plaza is winking just at me, whenever I see your avi.

    Also this comment isn't going to make any sense when you change it.
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    2. Evergreen Queen
      Evergreen Queen
      I'm suddenly motivated to change it to someone completely different, Hot Dog Guy.

      Then you'll really be the boy who cried wolf. (or something like that)
      Jan 17, 2018 at 10:18 AM
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  3. Grindabuck
    Additional cryptocurrency rewards have been added: Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash are now available!
  4. Afia
  5. Seeker
    Seeker electrolyte
    Thank you for the welcome email.
  6. coffeeowl
    coffeeowl TSolo315
    Did you hack a successful exit strategy or are you just hiding?
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    2. TSolo315
      Hey. Some things have come up that make it difficult to turk atm, and they have lasted longer than anticipated -.-. Unfortunately I am still working on that exit strategy.
      Jan 18, 2018 at 11:24 AM
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  7. Suzy Lechowicz
    Suzy Lechowicz
    "Ill be back" there are just too many of you to stalk in one day, got to go to my other class now lol CAPRE DIEM
  8. Suzy Lechowicz
    Suzy Lechowicz
    "Work like you don't need the money" - steve jobs
  9. Suzy Lechowicz
    Suzy Lechowicz Jaded
    ty for adding me to your elite group! I look forward to learning and earning!
  10. Jasmuna
    Finger to Lips. Do Not Speak of It
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  11. Tara Thomas
    Tara Thomas
    I am yet another newbie with little clue as to what she is doing so you guys bear with me as I get the hang of it!
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  12. Mich N
    Mich N SweetiePuff
    Hello, I'm new, lost and confused. I joined a few weeks ago. I've read a lot of info regarding MTurk, maybe too much. I have installed MTurk Suite / Hit Finder and Greasemonkey but I can't get either one to work. I would appreciate any advise. Thank you.
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  13. Jolly
    I'm jolly but not a rancher.
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  14. Pacis Amans
    Pacis Amans
    gif is my first language
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  15. Pacis Amans
    Pacis Amans
    I speak primarily in gif
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  16. serverguy
    <img src=" title="Eek! :eek:" />
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  17. serverguy
    <img src=" title="Eek! :eek:" />ffline:
  18. SalvadorZombie
    SalvadorZombie Kadauchi
    Someone said that you were debating adding in TO filtering to HF again. I'd really be for that, if it's not a big problem adding in. It's one of the key things that I use in filtering results on things like the old HF script and Scraper. Just figured I'd say that here, since I'm bad at keeping track of conversations and I have no idea when/where you'd be around otherwise.
    1. SalvadorZombie
      BTW, aside from the HF thing - all of this work you're doing is pretty awesome. A lot of the original script writers (who I still respect for even writing the scripts in the first place) seem to have left this behind, and I can guess how tough it might be to take someone else's code, work on it your own way, and get it working for Worker. Anyway, thanks man. This means a ton to a lot of us.
      Dec 19, 2017
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  19. Sara
    Sara electrolyte
    Hi ty ! So exited to joined
  20. Scarecrow
    Most modern theories of decision making recognize that decisions to not take place in a vacuum.